Newsletter : June 2012

Ghana Awake
Sheer Publishing recently opened a branch in Ghana, has released a compilation of some of Ghana’s top musician showcasing the incredible music to the rest of the world. Featuring music from artists such as A.B Crentsil, Rex Omar, King Ayisoba and Malik Issah the compilation in causing quite a stir internationally.

Ghana Awake has recently become an app for Iphones, Ipod and Ipads available on the iTunes store. The app is available for free so go get it now … Click Here

BOSSO : WATCH VIDEOSheer Publishing long time client and hit maker has done again! Thabiso “Thaso” Tsotetsi teaming up with friend and artist’s award winning HHP have created another South African classic entitled ”Bosso.”

Bosso which makes fun of the crazy things that place in our society has become an anthem within all South African homes, reaching young and old. So popular that Vodacom one of South Africa’s leading network provider is currently using the song in its latest ad campaign.

Thabiso “Thaso” Tsotetsi is no stranger to making classic hits with top name artists such as Zola, Tuks, Morafe and HHP, that will be remembered for all time. Having produced such diverse songs such as “Don’t Cry” with Zola and “Tswaka” with HHP, Thaso has proven and above and beyond to the South African music Industry that he has a great role to play and will continue making relevant songs for many more years to come.

Bayze becomes first South African ambassador for Creative Recreation

Creative Recreation was officially launched in California in the United States in late 2002. The brand has grown from an idea between two friends to a worldwide phenomenon, including stores all over Europe, The U.K, America, Canada, Australia and now South Africa.

Creative Recreation believes in keeping things fresh! The very reason they asked, Blayze aka Dylan King, artist and owner of Blayze Entertainment, a record label which have hip-hop, afro-pop and house producers signed under the label, to be their brand ambassador.

Dylan “Blayze” King has been a member of the Sheer Publishing coming for just over two years but in the short span of his career he has worked with the likes of Prokid and Hydro. Daniel Kerdachi, owner of Creative Recreation in South Africa says: “Blayze has the personality, charisma, and entertainment prowess to fit the Creative Recreation brand. As our footwear styles are always fresh and new, they emit Life with Style, and thus Blayze was chosen. Blayze is a guy who can show South Africans how to live our brand.”

Sheer Publishing is proud of Dylan “Blayze” King for his accomplished and are very sure that there is much more to come from the young producer/artist.

Sheer Publishing representing in East Africa

Sheer Publishing represents in East Africa

Sheer Publishing’s Copyright Manager Karabo Motijioane, attended the first annaul DOADOA East African Performing Arts Market” in Jinga, Unganda this past May. DOADOA, is an East African performing arts market which provides a platform for professional networking and joint learning,

bringing together various stakeholders, organizations, businesses, knowledge and technology with a view to create demand and develop a market for the performing arts and unlock the potential of the East African creative industry, making it an important factor for economic, social and cultural development throughout the region. The first DOADOA focused on giving opportunities to stakeholders in the music industry (i.e. musicians, music producers, music promoters, managers and music festivals).Karabo Motijioane attended workshops and mini festivals at DOADOA and also had talks with various composers. Watch the space when we announce our new composers from Uganda. “Ugandan music is at a pivotal point at this time…trying to merge and keep alive the traditional music with the new urban sounds that the youth are demonstrating. I’ve quite a number of talented Musicians, composers from all over East Africa whose music is of international standards but lacking exposure and proper musical back-up, music business knowledge and facilities in their own countries.”

Sheer Publishing is also in the process of opening a branch in Kenya.

KABOMO – All things Grey’ but sunny skies for the future!

Sheer Publishing is proud to announcing the recent signing of Kabomo Vilakazi. After 10 years of working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, Kabomo (singer, emcee, poet, producer, writer, filmmaker, actor, public speaker) has taken the step to release what is undoubtedly the most anticipated collection of songs to date. The multi-talented musician and producer has finally released his debut album ‘All Things Grey’.

Since his album release, Kabomo has had the pleasure of being the opening act for international artists Louie Vega, Vikter Duplaix, Josh Milan and Bilal … Read the rest of this article.

NEWSFLASH: Kabomo will be headlining the all roads lead to Joy of Jazz concert alongside the ever so talented Zahara being held on the 5th of August at the Lyrics Theatre. He will also be perfoming at the Durban July.

I Rap to the heartbeat of those who spoke (up) before me…

Young people gathered to celebrate and commemorate the titans of the 1976 uprising through song and dance when the new youth day song produced by local artists in conjunction with SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho was released during the youth month campaign.

In an effort to encapsulate the meaning of youth month, commemorate the 1976 student uprising and spark new hope in young South Africans SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho joined up with local artists to produce the creative “All I Can Be” hip hop track. The collaboration is meant to “inspire and encourage the modern day youth to face their … Read the rest of this article

Watch the video: