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Sheer Publishing Creative Department
attend the Loerie Awards

Sheer Publishing made its first appearance at the Loerie Awards held in Cape Town this year. Cementing its position as a key role player in the advertising industry, Sheer Publishing excited to see some of its clients winning their well deserved accolades.

Most exciting was the Craft Certificate Award for Editing going to Upstairs Post Production for the work on the Cadbury PS chocolate ad which used the Bon Iver track entitled “Fall Creek Boys choir” from the Sheer Publishing catalogue. 

Meeting with various advertising agencies from all over South Africa and Africa, the Loerie Awards presented themselves as a great networking opportunity for Sheer Publishing.

Cape Town, we will see you at next year’s Loeries Awards, who knows maybe Sheer Publishing will walk away with the award for Best Use of Licensed Music for 2013!

Cadbury PS Bar
Song: Fall Creek Boys Choir
Artist: Bon Iver
Composers: Vernon / Litherland
Publisher: Kobalt Music.
Administered by Sheer Publishing.
Agency: Ogilvy
Sheer Libraries are proud to introduce to you one of our incredible jingle/ library music chief composers: Mr Peter Ngobese, who has not only has his own Library named King Pee Music that we at Sheer Publishing administer, but has composed the an entire library music under the banner of Skhumba Music, that Sheer Publishing now controls its publishing rights.

Furthermore, he has been commissioned to compose and score for a number of television series, sports themes and logos, magazine shows and many more to be listed below.

Broadcasters, production and post-production houses are gearing up to go digital in the new year ... Read More.
Sherifa Gunu
PROFILED: She is described by many as crowd shaker, puller and a real performer when it comes to singing and dancing.

Sherifa Gunu will always leave an impression in the minds of anyone who comes into contact with her. Born as a princess, on 15th April 1977, into a royal family of Dagbon in the Northern part of Ghana, Sherifa started her dancing and music career at a very early age.

The Tamale-born lady, sometimes referred to as ‘showbiz pride of the North’ signifies how daring she is by singing mostly in her native Dagbani … Read More

Sheer Publishing Film & Synchronization

Sheer Publishing has been busy as usual in the film and synchronization department. Mandoza’s 'Nkalakatha' has been placed on the ever comedic Nando’s Ad as part of their 25th Anniversary.

NandosSong: Nkalakatha
Artist: Mandoza
Composers: Le Roux / Tshabalala
Publisher: Sheer Publishing.
Agency: BlackRiverFC

Gospel Sensation Kholeka’s song entitled 'Bawo Wethu' has included in the film 'Africa Safari 3D' . Also look out for the Oprah Winfrey documentary which has the song 'Change the World' by Lira which our accomplished composers Petrus Mngomezulu and Tshepo Sekele co-composed on.

Top producer Bobby Johnson worked on the new promo music for pay TV Channel – Top TV. The ever popular Graeme Watkins Project’s hit song 'Music Affair' has been placed on the SA Rugby ads and Supersport promo’s.

The new most talked about reality TV show on VUZU 'MoLove' features long time client Shugasmakx hit single 'Take it easy'. The Sheer Publishing Creative is certainly becoming the best place to come to for music supervisory and music clearing.




Sheer Publishing has recently signed Kwa-Zulu Natal native Jason Hartman. Jason began his career in his early teens when he and his brother Scott joined their father and formed a 3-piece band out of pure necessity to survive. They spent a decade together performing at various venues and corporate functions earning their keep through their mind-blowing performances. Jason then broke away and moved to Johannesburg where he began busking for a living. Soon after this, he put together a 2-pieced duo called Justus, which won the Duo Competition at Tanz Café in Bryanston. This was the beginning of a successful career in the South African music industry.

It was 2009 Idols that truly put Jason on the map as one of South Africa’s finest acts. He lost a bet with a group of friends and was challenged to enter the competition at the age of 29 a year before the contest’s cut-off age. Reluctant at first to enter, he braved the queues and admits that the incredible talent he was competing against overwhelmed him. He nearly gave up but continued to climb up to higher rounds and soon found himself in the top 10 with millions of adoring eyes on him every week. Jason came second to Sasha-Lee but a discrepancy in the voting meant that he was in fact the person with the most votes. However the title of winner of Idols 2009 was shared between the two gifted singers, the first time in the history of the competition that the accolade has been given to two people. Sasha-Lee collaborated with Jason on a track for his debut album, On The Run which was released in 2009.

Jason recently turned his hand to acting with a leading debut role in  'A Million Colours',  a South African/Canadian  production set for international release later in 2011. The movie is based on the two stars of the highly successful movie E`Lolipop, after they received international fame and recognition, many years ago. Jason recently appeared on the sound track to the animated movie, Jock, based on Sir Percy Fitzpatrick’s novel Jock of the Bushveld, which was released in July 2011.

Sheer Publishing is very happy to welcome this accomplished composer to the Sheer family.

Windhoek, Namibia – At long last, we can now bring you full details of VMSIX's new album, Vocal Motion Six Classic, which hits the stores on October 28th 2012 in Namibia, and also available on the Internet in November, 2012.The album will mark the release of VMSIX's third professional studio recording since 1999.
Since the group’s formation in 1999, VMSIX has built a broad and loyal fan base through their local and international tours. If you are drawn, captured, and moved by melody and harmony, you owe it to yourself to experience the new CD entitled “Classic” by VMSIX
VMSIX partnered with the highly in-demand producer, Wouter J De Bruyn to create this project. As a result, one can experience the richness of lead vocals that offset the tension between vocals and underlying power chords. VMSIX sings exactly the right number of notes, ensuring that the melodies and harmony are neither reductively simplistic nor self-gratifying. As always, VMSIX exhibits its trademark: superb synchronization, rich harmony, rhythms that are muscular and complex, and uniquely diverse styles that accentuate the natural dynamics of any song.

The new release of “Classic” by VMSIX, will undoubtedly turn heads, forcing classic icons to watch their rear-view mirrors as these guys pull up with sophistication and style. This is an acapella group presenting music classics with full harmony. Testosterone infused, melodic, and harmony power best describes their music. There are also many musical moments highlighting a progressive edge and showcasing immense vocal talent.

VMSIX presents a stunning vocal performance, showing a much more matured band that delivers a heavier more aggressive sound, beautifully mixing powerful melodic and harmonic progressive elements ranging from David Walter Foster, Paul Schwartz, and lyrics of A’ll improvisso (in Italian!) to “Bridge over Troubled Waters” by Paul Simon. This intricate production makes this album a must hear for any true classic fan or just a follower of VMSIX music.

The “Classic” album was produced by VMSIX, and mixed and mastered by W. J De Bruyn. The album also features John Titus as a very special guests, doing the song “ I believe in you”.


Another uprising... international African reggae star, Ankias Vallyman originally from Cameroon has recently released a new powerful album ‘One Taste’.

His mentor Saggy Saggila, one of South Africas renowned reggae musicians worked on the album, employing the same methods and styles he used for arrangements for the late Lucky Dube.The new album highlights issues like corruption in Africa, the need for a united states of Africa, revolution and the need to forgive each other.

Vallyma will perform together with Saggy Saggila on the 9th of November at The Bassline, Johannesburg, South Africa. Vallyman will also perform at festival in Cape Town, South Africa on the 9th December with the Jamaican International CAPLITON!


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