Happy Holidays from all of us at Sheer Publishing!

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients an amazing Holiday Season – safe travels wherever you are going and I wish that 2018 is a year of health, prosperity and happiness for you all.

Last month the company celebrated 21 years of being in business and serving the interests of Composers and Copyrights on the African Continent. Our senior leadership team has a collective 80 years of work experience at Sheer Publishing. If we were a rugby team we would be the most capped team in the competition. Over a period that long there are ups and downs but a group of individuals who joined each for their own original reasons becomes a family and a family by bringing on fresh young talent becomes a tribe. A tribe that adapts is able not only to survive – but to thrive. Our internship programme and our determination to promote from within has grown this tribe steadily over the last 8 years.

It is an African saying that if you want to go fast – go alone – but if you want to go far it takes a tribe. Back when we started and we wanted to get from Johannesburg to Durban or Cape Town then a collection of individuals was capable of making the trip alone. Now that we want to get to Dakar or to Dar es Salaam – a tribe is required because there are times when one or more of us is needs to be carried by the rest. The strength that is our collective will always exceed the sum of our individual parts.

For those of you who are still unsure where this tribe is going we are going to Cairo to Casablanca and to Cape Verde.

It is not our job to fix the music industry. But we are not free to stop trying to do so. Our vision of being the first World Class Music publishing Company out of Africa is close to being realized and we are grateful for all of you and your role in getting us to this point.

Our vision of a united industry that shares value between user and Creator is possible: One where the platforms that connect the user with the Creator understand that their livelihood is predicated on supporting both the person who creates content as well as the person that consumes it. Our role to provide the Creator with administrative and royalty support and give them more time to focus on their craft will be more important than ever as the number of unique transactions each song will have continues to grow exponentially. The pleasure our clients derive from hearing their music used on TV programs, films and adverts reinforces my belief that our Creative department plays a vital role in the new music economy.

Thank you all for the last 21 years and we look forward with anticipation for the next 21.


Yours in Music

David Alexander and the Sheer Publishing Team

Please note that the Sheer Publishing offices are closed from December 22nd and will re-open on the 8th January 2018